Fenner Drives is one of the most trust brands amongst the engineering community at a worldwide level. They are experts when it comes to offering value-added, problem-solving products that enable power transmission, motion transfer, conveying applications. Their team consists of highly skilled and motivated individuals who design, manufacture and distribute a host of sophisticated products that are reliable.
Powertwist V & round belts, PowerTwist Link wedge V-Belt, NutiLink V Belt, SuperTLink wedge belts, specialty conveyor belting, Idlers and B-Loc, Trantorque keyless bushings are just some of the many products that they manufacture. Each and every one of their product has been produced using the latest state-of-the-art technology and as per the regulatory standards.
Fenner Drives has been in the industry for almost 100 years now. This, in turn, means that they have a century worth of manufacturing, technical and commercial expertise to help you with.
Driven by a strong core value for innovation, this brand is the right choice if you are associated with the engineering industry.

Attribute Rubber V-belt Power Twist Link V-Belt
Temperature Sensitive to high temperatures. Belt life reduced by 50% every 10˚C (18˚F) above 70˚C (158˚F). Resistant to high temperatures. Operates effectively up to 116˚C (240˚F).
Abrasion Average resistance to abrasion. High resistance to abrasion.
Chemical Resistance Sensitive to oil, grease and common chemicals and solvents. Resistant to oil, grease, water and most agricultural chemicals and solvents.
Vibration Transmits vibration through continuous tensile members. Individual link design dampens vibration by up to 50% which reduces noise and increases component life.
Belt Stretch After initial run-in and retensioning, continues to stretch over time causing belts to become less efficient and slip if not retensioned regularly. After initial run-in where the links become seated, PowerTwist Plus has insignificant elongation and does not require regular retensioning. Ideal for drives with fixed centers.
Installation Tensioning method required, drive components must often be dismantled, tools required for installation. No need to dismantle components, belt can be fed through and assembled on the machine, belt can be rolled on, no
tools required. Easy, fast installation on captive drives.
Inventory Made in specific continuous lengths only. Must use a specific belt for each drive so every variation must be kept in stock. Can be made to any length needed. No need to stock specific lengths. One box of each section/type covers all lengths.
Matched Sets Matched sets required for multi belt drives. Matched sets can be made on demand with same number of links in each belt.

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