If you thought that we can only offer functional industrial products, think again! We also have the capability to provide our clients with industrial and commercial maintenance products. The supplier who fulfills this task for us is NCH which happens to be a well-known brand in the industrial arena when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of tools and machineries. They have a wide range of products that can be efficiently utilized for cleaning corrosion and repair.

NCH has an extensive range of solutions that can resolve any issues related to maintenance. Apart from just products they can also provide you with maintenance services that that are especially designed for busy maintenance and facility managers. Their team is formed of knowledgeable and skilled individuals who have been in this industry for a long time. With them you can rest assured that all your specialty cleaning and reconditioning jobs will be well taken care of.

They offer products for sealing and coating, descalers, industrial degreasers, rust and corrosion, absorbents, floor care, graffiti remover, hand care, odor control, and water based parts cleaning. NCH Maintenance also offers Partsmaster products, a range of maintenance hardware solutions including welding, pipe repair, rubber repair, surface coating and protection and drill bits.
The next time you are looking for maintenance products by this brand, you now know whom to call!

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