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HPC Link V-Belts To Handle Extreme Temperatures

HPC Link V-Belts To Handle Extreme Temperatures On Your Air Handling Units

It is a well-accepted fact that regular rubber V-belts run a relatively shorter life on air handling units (AHUs) when operated in hot climates. Even under rigorous inspection, unexpected failures might lead to unavoidable circumstances resulting in overheating of public places making people uncomfortably hot. This results in frequent AHU downtime. In order to avoid this, many AHU controllers are upgrading from conventional rubber v-belts to high-performance composite (HPC) Link v-belts. HPC Link V-belts are found to reach 100% of their expected life at ambient temperatures up to 80°C (176°F). While rubber V-belts at the same temperature would reach 75% of their expected life. This is because the adhesion between rubber and reinforcing cords begins to break down as the internal operating temperature exceeds 30°C (86°F). This results in delamination and flex fatigue which denatures and cracks the rubber compound thereby causing premature belt failure.

The HPC Link V-belts from ‘Fenner Drive’ are superior to the rubber belts in at least 3 ways:

1. Fenner Belt is made of custom polyurethane elastomers reinforced with multiple piles of Polyester Fabric with excellent resistance to high operating temperatures.
2. They have a unique link design which results in belt constructions that limit heat build-up produced due to flexing.
3. They have a greater surface area which allows more space for effective heat dissipation as compared to a rubber v-belt with its solid construction.

All the above factors contribute to a lower internal belt temperature, and eventually, a longer belt life! HPC Link V-belts clearly outperform conventional rubber v-belts in the harshest and hottest of climates. On top of it, upgrading to HPC Link V-belts significantly reduces the belt installation time. HPC Link V-belts can be connected with cross-sections and make it as long as desired and then rolled on to an AHU drive as easily as a bicycle chain - no tools needed! To summarize the benefits, HPC V-belts saves downtime, reduces spare v-belt inventory, and keeps the building cool, 24x7.

Fenner Drives continues innovating new products to meet your ever-changing application needs and complement the use of HPC Link V-Belts. All HPC Link V-Belts have the same detachable link design and easy installation along with unique, value-added features that make them superior to alternative belting options. So what are you waiting for, contact MK industrial suppliers - the Fenner V belt Distributors in India, and upgrade to HPC Link V-belts today! With MK industrial suppliers you will find all kinds of industrial tool supply, ethically sourced from A-listed manufactured who are globally acclaimed for their quality products.