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Cut Through Your Competition With Carbide Cutting Tools From Guhring

Cut Through Your Competition With Carbide Cutting Tools From Guhring

In today’s ever-evolving world, any machining industry trying to make a name for itself would focus on faster turnaround times and increased cost-efficiency. The path to accomplishing this goal involves offering unmatched quality standards, which calls for faster machining with increased productivity and reduced reworks.
Faster machining only means one thing… preparing a metal part in minimal time-frames. As we all know, cutting is the most integral part of any metalworking process. The challenge at hands, is achieving improved cutting processes that involve increased precision, feed rates and depth of cuts. No matter how modern your overall manufacturing equipment is… the cutting process has the upper hand. As per research, cutting tool costs only account for 10-15 % of the total production costs. But to your surprise, investing in the best of cutting tools is the key to gaining maximum market share in your respective domain.

Carbide Based Cutting Tools!

What is carbide? And when regular steel-based cutting tools do the job, why invest in them?
Carbide, referring to the component tungsten carbide, is an industrial grade steel that is often applied to bits, blades and other different tools that are used for cutting metal and hardwood. Made from equal parts carbide and tungsten, it fares at least 3 times better in terms of strength compared to regular steel based products. Most metalworking tools that are tipped with this, have exhibited drastic improvements in performance and aided in reducing turnaround times.

High-quality carbide tools from Guhring
At MKIS, we truly understand the value of high-quality industry tool supply, and collaborate with only the world’s top vendors to supply the best products to our clients. Guhring is a pioneer in manufacturing Carbide-based cutting tools. Guhring tools are designed not just to fulfil a specific purpose, but also to bring value to the overall production process. They are built to last forever and undergo rigorous testing processes to ensure that the final product is free of any kind of flaws.

So why exactly do Guhring Tools have a premium price tag?

As discussed, innovating your cutting process is path to increasing quality standards, and working with regular cutting tools just won’t cut it.

When you need better quality in viable time-frames and budgets, you need tools that withstand super-high temperatures, high-speed abrasions, along with achieving cleaner cuts with minimum efforts. Needless to say, long-lasting! Guhring offers solid carbide and tipped carbide tools, built from pure carbide rods that are made in-house at their facilities. This makes it an unmatched contender in the cutting tools arena… A powerful weapon with a potential to revolutionize the machining industry war. Come tomorrow, and we will be looking at cutting tools in a whole different perspective.

The benefits of using Carbide-based cutting tools;

1. Carbide Tips Last Longer:
Carbide tips are made to last longer! When they break or wear out, new tops can be welded onto the cutting tools at most of the tool-sharpening shops. So the extra expense for buying carbide tools initially, can be easily balanced out during the replacement of the tips as they are highly affordable and last longer than you expect.

2. Achieves better surface finish quality:
As carbide is much denser in nature and is finished with harder abrasives like diamonds, it can resist high-speed abrasions and temperatures very well, providing a much better surface finish for the same amount of efforts.

3. Resistant to thermal deformations:
Due to its outstanding chemical composition, carbide can withstand extremely high temperatures and is more effective in retaining its cutting-edge shape. No matter how rigorous the cutting processes are, the cutting blade on your carbide tool will look sharp as ever.

4. Makes the experience more enjoyable:
Imagine metalworking like sculpting a piece of art. That’s exactly the experience carbide tools bring to the table, as the high-quality material offers an unparalleled performance in terms achieving deeper piercings, angled finishes and cleaner cuts. It just makes your life easier! With whole-hearted efforts going into every stroke of metal cutting, your end product comes out as true piece of art.

5. Reduces workload on the machines:
Due to its highly effective cutting results and longevity of the cutting blades, it’s safe to say that you are bound to make some energy savings from you cutting processes. Carbide tools cut through the toughest of surfaces with minimal efforts, reducing the workload on the operating machines.

In conclusion, the future of the machining industry lies on the edge of the cutting tools. We need to rethink how we equate our investments in cutting tools to our bottom lines and production costs. Carbide tools are the future, and Guhring seems to be at the forefront of it. We at MKIS believe in helping our clients progress faster in today’s ever-evolving industrial landscape. Our long-standing relations with Guhring allow us to offer our clients highly-customized tools for all their needs. We help them build an effective arsenal of Guhring drills & tools that will propel them to glory.