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Fenner Drives B-LOC Compression Hubs

Fenner Drives B-LOC Compression Hubs – Specifications & Working

The compressions Hubs from Fenner Drives, known as B-LOC, are external locking devices that provide a unique method for mounting components without the need for a hub. This is accomplished by utilizing axial compression to hold the mounted component in place, while simultaneously using radial pressure to generate an interference fit with the shaft. This is ideal for mounting narrow components to a shaft like flat chain sprockets or mounting components that cannot be subjected to tensile (hoop) stresses. Here’s a detailed technical analysis of the B-LOC compression hubs by MK Industrial suppliers. MK industrial suppliers is a leading Industrial tool supply company and a MASTER DISTRIBUTOR For ‘Fenner Drives’ products such as Fenner Drives Link V-Belts (Power Twist, Nut Link, Super T Link, Power Twist Wedge Link V-Belt), Eagle PU Belts, B-Loc and Trantorque Keyless Locking Device among other industrial brands in India.

Operating fundamentals of B-LOC devices
B-LOC Compression Hubs differ from other keyless locking devices in how they engage the mounted component. The outer tapered rings are drawn together to generate an axial clamping force, instead of creating a radial force on the mounted component. In this way, the mounted component is not subjected to tensile stresses. This operating principle also allows narrow components to be mounted with a much better run out.

Recommended surface finish
Ideally, the shafts which are to be used with B-LOC compression hubs are recommended to have a surface finish anywhere between 32 & 125 micro inches. On the other hand, what’s not recommended is a smoother surface finish such as that found on components which are turned, ground and polished, as the union could result in a failure of connection. Note that using the combination of longitudinal abrasion and a filing sheet such as a bastard file or emery paper, the surface can be roughened for finishes below 32 micro inches / 0.8 micrometers. The recommended surface finish on the contact faces of the mounted component is between 32 and 250 micro inches (0.8 – 6.4 micrometer).

Concentricity is a complex tolerance used to establish a tolerance zone for the median points of a cylindrical or spherical part feature.The keyless locking devices by Fenner Drives are precision machined in order to increase concentricity and decrease runout. Several variables, including the components themselves, affect the final installed concentricity of mounted components. In the case of B-LOC Compression hubs, machining the bore and contacting faces of the mounted component to tight tolerances can help minimize the total runout.

Taking care of the B-LOC devices using adhesives & lubricants
B-LOC Keyless Locking devices are supplied with anaster oil specific to the product line. Oil is required to provide the necessary coefficient of friction to the sliding surfaces. Anaerobic adhesives such as Loctite, Permatex or similar compounds are not to be used with Fenner Drives Keyless Locking Devices as it could result in unknown contact pressures and capacities. CRC3-36 is the approved lubricant to use with B-LOC Compression Hubs.

What is B-LOC made of?
B-LOC Keyless locking devices are manufactured using carbon steels and heat treated alloy steels. In case the operational environment is corrosive, the corrosion resistance can be improved by sealing with grease or silicone, or by the use of protective cover plates and application of industry standard plating materials such as nickel, thin dense chrome, etc.

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