PowerTwist Drive – A Design to Outperform the Existing Link Belts

PowerTwist Drive – A Design to Outperform the Existing Link Belts

PowerTwist Drive, a new power transmission Link V-Belt from Fenner Drives, does not require re-tensioning after installation. This means there is no need to go back and take links out after installation. The V-Belt which comes in bright red & blue color, is the recommended link V-Belt for all power transmissions. The new product saves time, labor and money. Because tension is optimized with PowerTwist Drive, the equipment it serves runs better and more efficiently.

What’s new with the PowerTwist Drive

The Fenner Power Twist Link V-Belt is a significant development over both, rubber V-belts and the traditional link belting products which faced tension decay. They are now made of high-performance polyurethane/polyester composite material which is resistant to heat, cold, oil, grease, water and many common industrial and agricultural chemicals. The new polyurethane belts maintain optimal tension throughout the life of the belt. Polyurethane has higher abrasion, cut, and tear resistance. It can be manufactured with a higher hardness rating having better load bearing capacity. As an additional commercial upper hand, polyurethane can be easily colored and is resistant to many of the chemicals. It is also easier to mold into shapes and sizes in a cost effective manner. It reduces vibration in the drive system by 50 percent, limiting system noise and extending bearing life.

Reduced Cost, Longer Duration

Various tests conducted to track the tension decay of PowerTwist Drive against an earlier version of the product revealed that PowerTwist Drive maintained the required tension throughout the test in comparison to the previous product which required removal of links after a certain ‘run-in’ period. This helps heavily with the cost savings. POWERTWIST power ratings are comparable to standard RVBs.

Setup of PowerTwist Drive

The installation process of PowerTwist drive is similar to the PowerTwist link belting with the exception of the length of belt which may somewhat vary. Like all PowerTwist products, PowerTwist Drive drops right in to existing pulley setups. The speed recommendations are dependent on the pulley diameter. The linear speed capability of the V-Belt is 5,000 ft/min. When installed and tensioned correctly, it will not wear out standard steel or cast iron pulleys any faster than a RVB.

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