Metal Cutting Tools

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Cutting Tools

It cannot be emphasized enough how cutting tools form an integral part of the machining industry. They have been around since ages and have just become more sophisticated with time. Almost every process associated with the mechanical industry such as drilling, cutting, profiling, welding, bending and milling requires some or the other sort of precision metal cutting tools. All of these tools are required to be high-grade so as to increase the productivity.

Being a part of the machining business, you must be well versed with the significance of precision tools. Moreover, as a business owner, the importance of high-grade industrial tool supply need not be stressed. But there are many out there who have minimum to no idea about the common tools and their brands. This article is all about metal cutting tools and the desired features to look for.

What is a Metal Cutting Tool?

You must have heard of Guhring drills, Guhring tools, Kyocera cutting tools, etc. These are metal cutting tools or drilling tools that serve the primary purpose of removing leftover material from a manufactured piece of metal by employing the process of shear deformation.

There are two main types of tools that are normally utilized for cutting and they are as follows:
• Single point tools
• Multi-point tools

Single point tools are majorly used to get rid of the extra material through cutting the edges during processes like shaping, plaining, turning and other related procedures. On the other hand, multipoint tools form a crucial part of processes like grinding, drilling and milling.

Features to Look Out While Buying a Tool:

• Persistence:

The first and most important quality of a tool should be persistence or resilience. It is very important to make sure that the cutting tool is harder than the material which is ultimately going to undergo the cutting process. Toughness is essential as without it the tool will not be able to withstand the heat which is produced whilst the cutting process.

• Precisely made:

The tool needs to be precisely made with the right geometry and clearance angles. This will facilitate smooth usage of the tool and also make the entire procedure efficient and beneficial.

• Should have a long shelf-life:

Normally these tools are pretty expensive and you cannot keep on investing in them again and again, hence, you need to find a reliable supplier who can provide you with tools that promise you a long and fruitful tool-life.
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